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Wisconsin Snowmobile Trail Passes & The 2016/2017 Season

What you need to know!!!

The trail pass system implemented last season will remain in place for the 2016/2017 season. There are possible changes in the works for how you pay for your pass, which will hopefully make it easier to obtain your pass. One thing, however, will not change: it is best to get your trail passes as early as possible to make sure you have them by the time you are ready to ride next season.

In previous years, you could join a club and your AWSC membership was processed almost immediately. However, the AWSC did not anticipate the hundreds of new and renewal memberships that would still be coming through, once the 2015/2016 season started. For that reason, and from some unexpected shortages in staff at the AWSC, it took up to 5 business days to process most memberships. The Barnstormers anticipated such possible delays and that is why, starting over a year ago, we encouraged you to join clubs and get your passes applied for as early as possible.

The costs/fees will remain the same. Here is a reminder of the costs:

If you are already a member of the Sayner Barnstormers, please try to keep track of when you joined. Your Barnstormers membership and your AWSC membership are good for one year from your date of application. If you are not yet a Sayner Barnstormers Member; please join now. This will ensure you will have your AWSC membership number in place, if you wish to take advantage of the $10 discounted trail pass.

If you only own one snowmobile, we will admit that it is cheaper for you to just buy the $30 pass (providing your sled is registered in WI). However, if you own multiple snowmobiles, you can save money by 1st registering your sleds in Wisconsin 2nd joining an AWSC club such as the Sayner Barnstormers 3rd buy the discounted $10 trail pass.

The 2016/2017 Wisconsin Snowmobile Trail Passes will be available beginning July 1st 2016. Order them as early as possible. Do not wait until the last minute. They will continue to NOT BE AVAILABLE over the counter.

As any changes to the system are made and implemented, we will announce them as quickly as possible.

So your 1st mission right now is to make sure your membership is current with the Barnstormers – if not – join or renew. Having your membership current will help reduce the time it will take to be eligible for the discounted trail pass. Click here to join!!!

Your 2nd mission is to get your trail passes ordered for next season, beginning July 1st.

Your 3rd mission, beginning December of 2016 – start to enjoy the 2016/2017 season.